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Multiphase Flows - Simulation, Experiment and Application

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Short Course

Our Short Course, two days - from Monday noon until Wednesday noon, is designed to provide knowledge of the use of numerical and experimental methods for multiphase flows.

The first one and a half days of the Short Course will focus on general topics; in the morning of the third day information on specific multiphase capabilities and new developments for the CFD codes CFX/FLUENT, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and OpenFOAM will be given. This includes demonstrations on case setups for Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and OpenFOAM and a discussion with the experts from ANSYS in parallel sessions for each code.

The numerical part will focus on finite-volume methods for Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange multiphase flow predictions, and on associated mathematical models. The experimental part will provide knowledge of the selection, installation and usage of modern gas-liquid measurement techniques and instruments, such as wire-mesh sensors, needle probes, process microscopy and gamma-ray computed tomography along with the application of data analysis tools.

The Short Course will address the interests of engineers, chemists, physicists and technicians active in research and design, who want to be informed about modern design methods and tools for multiphase flows.

As a delegate of 19th Multiphase Flow Workshop - Conference and Short Course you are offered free access to the Ansys Learning Hub. Ansys Learning Hub covers learning for the whole Ansys portfolio, but you can specifically learn how to use the Ansys solutions for multiphase flow simulation. Make sure to use the discount code that will be provided during the conference to get the free access.

Lecture Topics

  • Mathematical Models for Multiphase Flows: Overview & Basic Equations
  • Measurement Techniques and Experimental Investigations of Multiphase Flows
  • Lagrangian Two-Phase Flow Modelling
  • Euler-Euler Modelling
  • Modelling of free-surface flows with focus on the VOF Method
  • Interfacial Heat and Mass Transfer Models
  • Poly-Disperse Bubbly Flows & Chemical Reaction
  • Multiscale Multiphase Flow Modelling - AIAD & GENTOP
  • Optical measurement techniques in bubbly flows: From pattern recognition with neuronal networks to 3D liquid flow fields with Tomographic PIV
  • Flexible development framework for the Euler-Euler approach


  • Georg Scheuerer, ISimQ GmbH
  • Uwe Hampel, HZDR
  • Milovan Peric, Siemens Digital Industries Software Germany
  • Roland Rzehak, HZDR
  • Thomas Höhne, HZDR
  • Hendrik Hessenkemper, HZDR
  • Fabian Schlegel, HZDR
  • Amine Ben Hadj Ali, ANSYS Germany
  • Henning Eickenbusch, ANSYS Germany
  • Claudio Santarelli, Siemens Digital Industries Software Germany
  • Felix Klippel, Siemens Digital Industries Software Germany

19th Multiphase Flow Conference & Short Course