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INSIDER-Newsletter Issue 06, December 2022

Quantum technologies department established

At the HZDR Institute for Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, a new department for Quantum Technologies has been in place since the beginning of November 2022. The department, which is headed by PD Dr. Georgy Astakhov, will address various pillars of quantum technology, including quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum computing. The strategic goal is to move from basic science to practical applications.

Foto: Dr. Georgy Astakhov ©Copyright: HZDR / Jana Grämer

Dr. Georgy Astakhov

Source: HZDR / Jana Grämer


"As quantum bits or qubits, we use atomic-scale centers in different technologically friendly materials, such as silicon, silicon carbide and diamond as well as in 2D materials such as hexagonal boron nitride", says Astakhov. "To this end, we work together with the Ion Beam Center, which provides ideal tools to engineer these qubits on the nanoscale and integrate them into functional devices. We also cooperate with various departments within our institute and other partners at HZDR."

Georgy Astakhov joined the HZDR four and a half years ago as head of the "Quantum Materials and Technology" group. The new department was established as an extension of this group and currently consists of four staff members. "I am very happy to stay at HZDR and continue my research at a new level", Astakhov continues. "The goal is to grow in the next few years and expand the department with the help of external funding."

PD Dr. Georgy Astakhov
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