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The event almost took place.
Title: Tutorials as part of the SRF2019 conference in Dresden
Category: Conference / Workshop
Begin: 27.06.2019 08:00
End: 29.06.2019 18:00
Speaker: about 12-15 Speaker not defined yet, will introduce into the field of superconducting radio frequency for particle acceleration
Contact: Rong Xiang or André Arnold
Location: 106/255 - Hörsaal
Content: The following main topics will be treated during the tutorials sessions: - Basic Principles of RF Superconductivity - Cavity design and fabrication (Elliptical and non-elliptical) - Ancillaries design and fabrication (LLRF, Tuning Systems, High-Power and HOM Couplers,…) - Cavity testing and diagnostics - Operation of cavities with beam - Limits in cavity performance (origin, material properties, processing, QA…) - Future SRF Materials: alternatives to bulk niobium - Cryogenics - Clean-Room Techniques - Cryomodule Design