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Title: Unconscious Bias
Category: Colloquium
Begin: 14.12.2018 10:00
End: 14.12.2018 12:00
Speaker: Dr. Meytal Eran Jona, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Contact: Barbara Schramm
Location: 106/255 - Hörsaal
Content: From Starbucks to the Academy: Unconscious bias and what can we do about it? Unconscious bias (UCB) has become a hot topic. High Tec companies, universities, and research institutions around the world are studying the ways in which UCB affects their organizations and looking for ways to tackle it. Researchers are studying it, advisors offer training to deal with it, but what is it? In my talk, I will answer three main questions: What is unconscious bias and how does it work? What is the impact of UCB on the academia and research institutions? What can be done to eliminate it, on both the individual and the organizational levels? I will review the latest research in the field and discuss my own experience after two years of research on barriers to women integration in physics.

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