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Title: Institutskolloquium “Optical properties of modified metal oxide aero-gels”
Category: Colloquium
Begin: 26.11.2019 10:00
End: 26.11.2019 11:00
Speaker: Benjamin Klemmed
Contact: Moritz Schmidt
Location: 801/P142 - Seminarraum FWO
Content: To face the challenges of climate change, research on new materials for envi-ronmental analysis and the increased use of renewable energy sources is es-sential. In this respect, metal oxide aerogels can play a key role. As disordered networks, they are able to transfer the nanoscopic properties of their primary building blocks into the markoscopic world. In addition, the combination of the materials with gold nanorods allows their use as SERS substrates and enables to track the adsorption kinetics of analytes on mesoporous surfaces. Further-more, the composites can be used as optical superheaters. The doping of metal oxide aerogels with rare earth elements (Eu and Tb) results in materials with photoluminescence, where thermal treatment of the matrix leads to increased quantum yields.