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Title: HZDR Research Talks
Category: Public Event
Begin: 27.05.2020 13:00
End: 27.05.2020 14:00
Speaker: Dr. Björn Drobot Institute for Resource Ecology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Contact: Franziska Lederer
Location: -
Content: HZDR Research Talks live video presentation https://bbb.hzdr.de/b/led-72d-rqw (access code: 190649) What we can learn from the 'f' in f-element. Our relationship to the f-elements is quite ambivalent. We highly demand some of them and want to get rid of others. However, what does this ‘f’ stand for and could we specifically probe this? This talk will highlight some of the exciting research aspects of the Institute of Resource Ecology and presents selected spectroscopic techniques with a focus on f-elements.