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Title: HZDR Research Talks
Category: Public Event
Begin: 08.07.2020 13:00
End: 08.07.2020 14:00
Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Reinecke
Contact: Franziska Lederer
Location: -
Content: HZDR Research Talks live video presentation https://bbb.hzdr.de/b/led-72d-rqw (access code: 190649) “Methods for more efficiency in water resource recovery” Availability of clean water is of highest relevance to secure future development of society and industry, especially when we consider the stress of freshwater resources in future scenarios due to growing global population and impacts of climate change. Efficient treatment of polluted water is therefore crucial and shall allow to reduce stress of natural resources by recovering valuable resources in the wastewater, namely clean water, nutrients, minerals and energy, with highest efficiency and flexibility. The talk will present the current associated scientific topics of the working group touching the fields of fluid dynamics and (bio)chemical engineering. Moreover, the sustainable technological and system approaches covered by the recently started Helmholtz-Innovation Lab CLEWATEC are introduced.