Event details

Title: "Research as Design - Redesign your Research Process"
Category: Conference / Workshop
Begin: 02.12.2020 08:00
End: 03.12.2020 16:00
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach
Contact: Dr. Veronika Körösi, Dr. Petra Born (Postdoc Center)
Location: 114/202 - Seminarraum
Content: Using design to help scholars be more mindful of their research process Our goal in this workshop is to recognize the playful mindsets that underlie successful innovation in scholarship and explore how design thinking can improve the research process to make us more innovative scientists. And with this, to increase the ability of researchers to create quality research and a systematic application of creativity in their own research development. You will explore a variety of design techniques, but focus especially on how being mindful of your own research process, work styles, emotional state, and sometimes-hidden assumptions can help you get “unstuck” when you face research bumps in the road. This class is designed for postdocs without previous experience in design thinking. The trainer seeks to help participants to explore potential solutions to problems in their research efforts. The Lecturer Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach is a lecturer, project manager and researcher at the University of St. Gallen and a Visiting Fellow at Stanford University. He is the founder of the Visual Collaboration Lab (www.vicola.org) and the Life Design Lab Switzerland (www.lifedesignlab.ch).
Web-page https://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pOid=61805&pNid=0