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Title: Industrial Production of SRF Cryomodules
Category: Colloquium
Begin: 29.10.2020 10:15
End: 29.10.2020 11:30
Speaker: Dr. Hannes Vennekate
Contact: Petra Neumann
Location: 620/018 - Kleiner Hörsaal Kernphysik
Content: SRF cryomodules are the heart of most accelerator driven research laboratories today. Above all other elements, the cryomodules and the required infrastructure are often the main cost driver of the machine itself but do pay out with the enormous advantages of SRF accelerating cavities. As cryomodules represent very complex devices, their development, prototyping, and testing often requires increased effort and resources as well. In collaboration with experienced partners in research, RI – Research Instruments has adapted multiple SRF cryomodule designs which we offer as commercial products. Although based on a proven fundamental design, these cryomodule designs have been modified to meet state of the art technology and the individual interfaces, saving the customer the cost of development and establishment of local SRF expertise. The presentation will give an impression of the possibilities of industrial cryomodule design and production, focusing on the example of the TESLA-based 1.3 GHz Rossendorf/ELBE cryomodule and the Cornell 500 MHz B-Cell cryomodule. In addition, a short overview of the provided subsystems and other cryomodules produced by RI will be given.