Event details

Title: Kolloquium Attenkofer
Category: Colloquium
Begin: 09.12.2022 09:30
End: 09.12.2022 11:00
Speaker: Dr. Klaus Attenkofer
Contact: Sandra Hamann
Location: 106/255 - Hörsaal
Content: Ultimately, the properties of matter and its ability to perform a specific function are determined by the structure, e.g., the variety of atoms and their exact position. Consequently, the structure characterization stands at the center of understanding materials' behavior. Observations of the structural changes and the correlated electronic alteration during the performance of a function, also called operando, or in-situ experiments, allow finally to identify the active sites during reactions, bringing the dream of rational design of materials closer and making the optimization of known systems more efficient and promising. The talk will discuss various options of how multimodal characterization tools, high-performance computation, data analytics, pump-probe, and high throughput experiments can help to deliver these goals not only to a small number of experts but also to empower a larger science community.