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Code: D38
Paper Type: Article
Author(s): Davies CW
Title: The extent of dissociation of salts in water. Part VIII. An equation for the mean ionic activity coefficient of an electrolyte in water, and a revision of the dissociation constants of some sulphates
Journal: Journal of the Chemical Society
Volume:   Year: 1938   Pages: 2093-2098
Internal Storage: V3939
DOI: 10.1039/JR9380002093

An empirical extension of the Debye-Hückel limiting activity equation is proposed. A survey of all the available data for electrolytes in water at 25° shows that the equation is in good agreement with the actual values of the mean ionic activity coefficient in dilute solutions, the average deviation being about 2% in 0.1 M-solution and proportionately less at lower concentrations.

The equation is applied to the activity data for zinc and cadmium sulphates, and dissociation constants are derived for these salts which agree with the values obtained from conductivity measurements.

Comment: No SCM data; description of Davies equation

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