Dr. Sören Kliem

Reactor Safety
Phone: +49 351 260 2318

Department of Reactor Safety


Neutron physics and reactor dynamics

  • Validation and application to light water reactors and innovative reactor concepts of the Monte Carlo code SERPENT2
  • Application of the deterministic lattice code HELIOS-2
  • Development, verification and application of the in-house reactor dynamics code DYN3D
  • Extension of the DYN3D code to innovative reactor concepts
  • Coupling of DYN3D to the system code ATHLET
  • Coupling of DYN3D to the Computational Fluid Dynamics codes ANSYS CFX and TRIO_U

Plant dynamics and severe accident analysis

  • Accident analysis and analysis of plant dynamics using the ATHLET system code
  • Assessment of the impact of severe accident management measures on the progression of severe accidents in PWRs and VVERs

Monte-Carlo simulations (n- / γ-field calculations)

  • Development of the in house Monte Carlo code TRAMO
  • Fluence calculations of the of the reactor pressure vessel and internals using MCNP and TRAMO


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Dr. Sören Kliem

Reactor Safety
Phone: +49 351 260 2318