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Public Events


Alumni Talk

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The alumni talk about their career paths, offering insights into the world of trade and industry and introducing their companies. Afterwards we offer a snack and the opportunity to talk at a distance. Register until 09.10.2020 by emailing

European Resources Forum ERF 2020 online

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For the 5th time, the German Environment Agency (UBA) will organise the European Resources Forum (ERF). The English-language conference will take place on 3 November 2020. The event will be held, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, as a virtual conference. Up to 500 participants from over 40 countries are expected to attend. Further information regarding the program and registration can be found on the conference homepage:  

ERF 2020 on Twitter: #2020ERF

Can Mining make the World a greener Place?

Illustration NHM Event Mining ©Copyright: Natural History Museum London

© Natural History Museum London

Mining for new metals and minerals is vital to green technologies including solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars. Precious metals power our mobile phones and laptops. How does this fit with sustainable green futures? Can we even source enough of these metals to support this? Join an international panel of experts as they discuss our growing demand for new technologies, and the natural resources we need to create them. BBC science presenter Professor Iain Stewart will host a live debate on mining and its role in society. Together, we'll imagine how the planet could look in 2050 and discover how we can all play a part in creating the world we'd like to live in. Pitch your ideas and pose questions to the experts. 

This event is held in partnership with the EU-funded INFACT project, exploring innovative, non-invasive and acceptable exploration technologies. Join and find out more about the event series here:

Minerals in the Loop

Minerals in the Loop Event ©Copyright: EMerald

© EMerald


Metals have a bright future as key enablers of the energy transition. But, metals are locked into more and more complex deposits and their optimal extraction requires a perfect understanding of the impact of geology and mineralogy on downstream processing. This conference is organized by the consortium of the EMerald master in Resources Engineering and will stop at twelve of the most exciting places around the world to discover recent innovations and listen to insightful talks. Every two hours, panel discussions will allow you to interact with experts on a diversity of themes. This tour around the world is also the opportunity to reunite with the EMerald alumni and find out what they have been up to since their graduation.

Register here