Plasma Physics course - material 2020

Material for Plasma Physics course (TU Dresden) given in the Summer semester 2020:

  • Guest lecture 1: X-ray spectroscopy (Dr. Michal Šmíd)
  • Guest lecture 2: Laboratory Astrophysics (Prof. Hideaki Takabe)
  • Guest lecture 3: PIC simulations (Dr. Michael Bussmann)

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All course material can also be accessed on the TU Dresden online teaching platform OPAL.

Recommended literature:

  • A. Piel, Plasma Physics, Springer
  • F. F. Chen, Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Springer
  • R. O. Dendy, Plasma Dynamics, Oxford Science Publications
  • D. H. Trevena, Statistical Mechanics, Horwood Publishing
  • R. P. Drake, High Energy Density Physics, Springer
  • W. L. Kruer, The Physics Of Laser Plasma Interactions, Westview Press