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FireSim - Simulation of real life engagements for firefighters

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Firefighter have to strengthen their skills on different scenarios. They might do this using
  • theoretical training
  • real life fire simulation
  • single scenario training (in real world environments)
  • complex scenario training (huge!)
All these training scenarios require preparation and supervision by a lot of instructors. They might also expose the trainee to real hazzards.

Today a lot of relevant parameters of real world scenarios can be simulated by Virtual Reality technologies.

The simulator in use at the Open House Day, 24.5.2014
(photo by U. Konrad, 24.5.2014)

multi-user setup, attack group, search and rescue
(photo by U. Konrad, 28.5.2016)
Next appearance: 2016, 6.-8.10.2016, Dresden Messe
at the booth of Werkfeuerwehrverbandes Sachsen e.V.

Short introduction

This system consist of an immersive visualization (using either a boom monted display, a head mounted display, cave, ...).
The geometry describing the static environment is loaded from a VRML formatted file. The systems includes a sound subsystem providing background sounds (explosion, fire noise) as well as sounds of insured person. A physics subsystem provides an approximation for localized fire simulation.

The trainee may virtually walk through the scenary. Walking is simulated by a "walk-sensor" attached to the boots. Walking is possibible only in the direction of view.

The control software provides sound and communication (head-set).

A modified nozzle (C-size) is used for simulating direct fire-fighting.
Parameters like pressure and foam-generation is controlled by an operator. Success of attack is controlled by a extinguishing model.


current extensions extension in planning

Software requirements

The software can be used independently of the hardware discribed. The system supports monoscopic and stereoscopic display (activ and passiv stereovision, single as well as multi-headed). SVN Repository


fire fighting search for radiation sources rescue operation
fire properties nozzle properties control-station

Presentations, Documents


OSG/Shader screen-shot

Demonstration zum EIOPS Treffen 2011


(in German only)
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft, Dresden, 2012Besuchertag, 2016
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft, Dresden, 2009

source code


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