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17th CBM Collaboration Meeting
Symposium on Charm, Dileptons and Deconfinement
April 4 - 8, 2011, Dresden, Germany

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Program (preliminary)
F. Seifert
eMail: cbm2011@hzdr.de
Phone: +49 351 260 3293

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Conference location

The meeting and the symposium will be held at the Helmholtz Forschungszentrum Dresden - Rossendorf,  located at the outskirts of Dresden (see here).
The plenary sessions will take place in the main lecture hall.  Parallel sessions and board meetings will be held in seminar rooms close to the main lecture hall. To be able to enter the Forschungszentrum,  all participants are requested to carry a valid passport with them to apply for a guest ID card allowing also to enter the canteen.
Wireless LAN is available in all conference rooms.


We have organized for a bus to pick up the participants in the morning at the hotels and bring them to the Forschungszentrum. In the evening,  after the last session, the bus will bring you back to the hotels. A stop in downtown Dresden or in Dresden - Neustadt is possible, so you can  easily reach a broad varity of restaurants and pubs.

If you miss the bus, or want to be independent, ther are two bus lines going toward the city. Line 261 goes to downtown Dresden, while 229 ends in Bühlau, from wher a connection with tram 11 towards the center is available.

Dinner locations

See here for a list of possible locations. This list may not be complete, so just walk around and watch out! Recomended areas are Dresden - Neustadt and the area around "Weiße Gasse"  which you find close to Altmarkt and Kreuzkirche. Further on, the Neumarkt, i.e. the area around Frauenkirche, has some special restaurants of higher level.

Social event and conference dinner

On the evening of the symposium a conference dinner will be held at a special location in Dresden. The bus will bring us to this location.  Returning to the hotels is possible by public transportation.

Visa invitations

On the 28th of February we made a collection of all invitation requests. The corresponfding Invitations will be send out in the first week of March. Please contact the conference sec'retary in case you register later and still need visa invitation.

Conference contributions

If you plan to make a contribution to the conference you can give the title of the contribution during the registration.
If you later decide to give a talk, üplease inform the organizers about the title and the palnned duration.  

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