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17th CBM Collaboration Meeting
Symposium on Charm, Dileptons and Deconfinement
April 4 - 8, 2011, Dresden, Germany

Program (preliminary)
F. Seifert
eMail: cbm2011@hzdr.de
Phone: +49 351 260 3293

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Organized bus

We have organized two buses which will pick up the participants near the hotels (Ibis Bastei, City Herberge and park inn) and bring them to the Helmholtz - Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf. In the evenning the busses will return to Dresden. From the Ibis Hotel Bastei and the park inn, the participants will be picked up by busses. From City Herberge, the participants will be picked up by mini busses from HZDR.
The bus starts at the hotel at 8:00 in the morning. Be prepared for this early time.

Public transportation

The Helmholtz - Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf (HZDR) can be reached by public transportation in two way's:
  1. Bus 261

    This bus starts at Hauptbahnhof (Central station) and goes to Sebnitz. Please take a look at the Web page of the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe. Starting from 7:15 it goes every hour and needs about 40 minutes to HZDR. The optimal time is 8:15 to reach HZDR befor 9:00.
    To go back to Dresden, one can take the bus 229 which leaves HZDR at 13:10,14:10,15:10, 16:05 and 16:58 orbus 261 starting from 15:13 every hour until 19:19.
  2. Tram and continuing with bus or Taxi

    There is also a way to reach Rossendorf via Tram and bus. The tram line 11 direction Bühlau has a connection at the end station (Ullersdorfer Platz) to bus 229. There is also a Taxi station at this station. For bus 261 the best connection is at Angelikastraße.
If you are staying at City Herberge, the nearest tram station is Pirnaischer Platz. The bus 261 also stops here, across the street from the Police station (Schießgasse). From the Ibis Hotel Bastei, the nearest bus station of line 261 is at Hauptbahnhof. It is located under the train bridge opposite to the main (front-) entrance of the central station. From park inn hotel, one takes a walk to Bautzner/Rothenburger Straße and then tram 11 direction Bühlau up to Angelikastraße and change to bus 261 direction Sebnitz.


In worst case one can call a taxi. Tell the driver to bring you to Bautzner Landstrasse nr. 400. This is the road called B6 and goes direction Bautzen. After leaving Weißig, the exit to the Helmholtz - Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf has its own road signs.

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