Electrovortex Flow in Flat Channels

S.Khripchenko, S.Denisov and V.Dolgikh

Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Korolev 1, 614061, Perm, RUSSIA


While the electric current flows through the bulk of a conducting liquid the electromagnetic forces are generated due to the interaction between the current and its magnetic field. These forces comprise the potential and vortex parts. The vortex forces cause in the liquid a motion that is called an electrovortex flow. As known, the condition of the electrovortex flow generation is the non-uniformity of the electric current distribution over the bulk of the liquid. Therefore, the calculation work in designing a variety of technological devices reduces to a solution of a problem, how a conducting liquid flows in a flat layer or channel with the electric current. In the flat geometry the conditions of the electrovortex flow onset differ from those for the three-dimensional case.

The electrovortex flow in a flat layer with a ferromagnetic core has its peculiarities. On the one hand, it might set out even when the current distribution over the layer is uniform. On the other hand, it might be absent despite the current distribution is non-uniform.

In our talk we describe several new effects predicted theoretically and verified experimentally for the electrovortex flow in a flat MHD channel. These effects could turn out to be useful in the metallurgical device design.

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