Dr. Johannes von Borany
Head of Ion Beam Center
Phone: +49 351 260 - 3378
Fax: +49 351 260 - 13378

Annette Weißig
International Office, IBC User Office
Research Programmes & International Projects
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2343

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User Acess Ion Beam Center (IBC)


As an international competence and user center for ion beam physics and applications the IBC refers to many years of scientific and technical experience and aims to make available its facilities for ion implantation and irradiation, ion and plasma based deposition as well as ion beam analysis to users from research and industry.

Access to IBC is provided on a basis of a proposal procedure where continuous proposal submission is possible (no deadline). The scientific quality of the proposals is evaluated and ranked by an external international User Selection Panel. For successfully evaluated proposals, users get free access to IBC facilities for their experiments. For ion beam services the HZDR Innovation GmbH (spin-off of the HZDR) provides a direct and fast access to the facilities based on individual contracts.

Detailed information concerning the equipment and competence fields of the IBC can be taken from the following graph:

  • Pressing the IBC button at the centre, the floor plan as well as a schematic decription of the endstations offered for users will be shown. 
  • More detailed information about the different instrumentation as well as physics and applications of ion beam techniques is given behind the active buttons in the upper (red) or lower (blue) part of the figure.
    Please click at the corresponding areas of the graphics below. 

Intro IBC Electrostatic Accelerators Ion Implantation Ion Induced Nanostructures Available ion beam analysis techniques at the Ion Beam Center Platzhalter Image Map IBC overview