The first three years of DREAMS: Routine operation and developments

The first three years of DREAMS: Routine operation and developments

Rugel, G.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Merchel, S.; Pavetich, S.; Ziegenrücker, R.

The DREAMS (DREsden AMS) facility is based on a state-of-the-art 6 MV accelerator AMS-system [1]. Located at the ion beam centre, the accelerator is also used for ion beam analysis (IBA), material modifications and high-energy ion implantation. Though having no 24/7 availability for AMS, the advantage of a multi-purpose accelerator is the synergy effect with respect to joint technology development and µ-beam IBA for the in-situ identification of elements in problematic cathodes.
Most often measured nuclides are 10Be, 26Al and 36Cl. The majority of samples is prepared on-site [2], 36Cl in a dedicated laboratory for halide targets. About 600 10Be unknowns have been measured for different applications [3]. The mean ratio of processing blanks is as low as 3x10-15 10Be/9Be, even when measuring samples with ratios as high as 10-10–10-11. However, the mean machine blank is generally a factor of four lower. While analysing 150 26Al unknowns, machine blanks are as low as 3x10-15 26Al/27Al. Typical high-energy currents (Al3+) e.g. for the in-house standard are about 300 nA (mean / 1 h).
One of the original ion sources has been modified for reducing long-term memory for volatiles [4] and yet applied to ~100 unknowns of 36Cl [e.g. 5]. Measurements of 41Ca are mainly for nuclear decommissioning [6] and cosmochemistry [5] applications.
The high-energy setup is upgraded with a time-of-flight and energy detector system to perform actinide AMS and Super-SIMS [7].
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Keywords: accelerator mass spectrometry; AMS; radionuclide; SIMS; nuclear decommissioning

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