Radio-labelled nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics and treatment

Radio-labelled nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics and treatment

Stephan, H.


The field of nanomedicine offers excellent prospects for the development of new non-invasive strategies for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer. A major advantage of nanomaterials (NMs) is their potential to be used as non-invasive diagnostic tools. By combining multiple modalities into a single probe, higher sensitivity can be achieved, leading to deeper insights into different in vitro and in vivo processes. Despite the significant progress that has been made in the field of NMs-based cancer diagnostics, our overall understanding of their pharmacokinetics (adsorption, uptake, distribution, metabolism and excretion) is still limited. Detailed investigations of the physicochemical properties and physiological behavior of NMs in biological environments are required to be better able to understand, predict and control their biodistribution.

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    ICARO Kick-off Meeting, 10.06.2016, Sestri Levante (Genua), Italy