P1219 - Funktionalised silicon nanoparticles

P1219 - Funktionalised silicon nanoparticles

Stephan, H.; Bergmann, R.; Ruffani, A.; de Cola, L.


The present invention is related to silicon nanoparticles, a pharmaceutical composition comprising silicon nanoparticles, a method for synthesis of the silicon nanoparticles and their use for in vivo diagnostics, visualization of drug delivery or staining of cells, biological processes or pathways. The silicon nanoparticles are characterised that they comprise a silicon core of a size of 1 to 10 nm and are terminated with allylamine or poly(allylamine) comprising up to 10 allylamine groups.

  • Patent
    WO2013087734 - Offenlegung 20.06.2013, Nachanmeldungen: CN, EP, US

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