Single molecule level measurements: salen molecule

Single molecule level measurements: salen molecule

Kilibarda, F.; Sendler, T.; Mortensen, M.; Gothelf, K.; Erbe, A.


The research presents novel ideas and directions which are supposed to overcome the obstacles conditioned by larger and larger deviations from the Moor's law. One of the possible solutions of the problem lies in the field of Molecular Electronics. We attempt to reduce the size and power needed to operate the device by using single molecules as building blocks in our circuits. This not only offers new features but also self-organizing properties. In order to choose the correct building blocks for our future circuits, we first characterize them. One of the prominent techniques is the Mechanically Controllable Break Junction (MCBJ). With this method we can examine properties of electron transport through single molecules, and determine parameters such as molecular energy level and metal-molecule coupling strength. The technique is demonstrated on salen and salen derivatives. The research shows that we can successfully tune molecular energy levels by the use of chemical doping.

Keywords: Scaling; molecular electronics; single molecule; self-organizing; MCBJ; break junction; characterization; electron transport; energy level; salen; energy level tuning; chemical doping

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    Trends in Nanoscience 2017, 27.-30.03.2017, Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Deutschland