Dataset on European Project ENTENTE Deliverable D4.5 "Hybrid hardening models from SANS and nanoindentation experiments

Dataset on European Project ENTENTE Deliverable D4.5 "Hybrid hardening models from SANS and nanoindentation experiments

Bergner, F.; Altstadt, E.; Brandenburg, J.-E.; Chekhonin, P.; Ulbricht, A.

This dataset covers experimental data obtained for neutron-irradiated reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels, in detail type and composition of steels, initial microstructure, initial properties, irradiation conditions, irradiation-induced microstructure changes and irradiation-induced property changes. The metadata sections of the data compilation include references to published journal articles and reports, where the data were originally published. A special feature of the data compilation is the availability of the characteristics of irradiation-induced nm-sized solute atom clusters derived from small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) experiments for each of the RPV materials and irradiation conditions considered. These characteristics, including cluster volume fraction and size, are statistically reliable and macroscopically representative. Moreover, results of Vickers hardness tests obtained using the same samples and also probing macroscopic volumes are provided. The data compilation is organized in the format of an Excel workbook called SANS-RPV. There are numerous potential applications of the data compilation such as the comparison of cluster characteristics derived from SANS and APT experiments, the correlation between cluster volume fraction and irradiation-induced hardness increase or brittle-ductile transition temperature shift, microstructure-informed predictions of the initial yield stress or irradiation-induced yield stress increase or the assessment of embrittlement trend curce (ETC) models, to mention a few. As an illustration, selected applications are saved in a separate Excel file called SANS_RPV_Analyses, which is included in the dataset. The background and usage of the data compilation as well as applications and implications are part of a study performed within the European Project ENTENTE. A copy of the project report draft (Deliverable D4.5) is included in the dataset.

Keywords: Reactor pressure vessel steels; Neutron irradiation; Microstructure; Mechanical properties; Hardening; Embrittlement; Small-angle neutron scattering


Publ.-Id: 37415