Radiolabeling of Micro-/Nanoplastics via In-Diffusion

Radiolabeling of Micro-/Nanoplastics via In-Diffusion

Stricker, A.; Hilpmann, S.; Mansel, A.; Franke, K.; Schymura, S.

Micro- and nanoplastics are emerging pollutants with a concerning persistence in the
environment. Research into their environmental impact requires addressing challenges related to
sensitively and selectively detecting them in complex ecological media. One solution with great
potential for alleviating these issues is using radiolabeling strategies. Here, we report the successful
introduction of a 64Cu radiotracer into common microplastics, namely polyethylene, polyethylene
terephthalate, polystyrene, polyamide, and polyvinylidene dichloride, which allows the sensitive
detection of mere nanograms of substance. Utilizing a Hansen Solubility Parameter screening, we
developed a swelling and in-diffusion process for tetraphenylporphyrin-complexed 64Cu, which
permits one-pot labeling of polymer particles

Keywords: microplastics; radiolabeling; Hansen solubility parameters; In-Diffusion

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