Test und Berechnung des passiven Notkondensators

Test und Berechnung des passiven Notkondensators

Schaffrath, A.; Hicken, E. F.; Jaegers, H.; Prasser, H.-M.


The Siemens AG is developing the new innovative boiling water
reactor concept SWR1000. New features are the passive safety
systems (e.g. emergency condensers, building condensers, passive
pressure pulse transmitters).
For the experimental investigation of the emergency condenser
effectiveness, the NOKO test facility has been constructed at
the Forschungszentrum J├╝lich in cooperation with Siemens. The
facility has an operating pressure of 10 MPa and a maximum power
of 4 MW for steam production. The condenser bundle consists of 8
tubes and is fabricated with the geometry and material as planned
for the SWR. In more than 200 experiments, the emergency condenser
capacity was tested as a function of pressure, water level and
concentration of noncondensables in the pressure vessel as well as
pressure, water level and temperature in the condenser.
Posttest calculations of NOKO experiments were performed with an
improved version of ATHLET. To calculate the heat transfer coefficients
during condensation in horizontal tubes the module KONWAR has been
developed and implemented in ATHLET. KONWAR is based on the flow regime
map of Tandon and includes several semiempirical correlations for the
determination of the heat transfer coefficients. The presented comparison
between calculations and experiments shows a good agreement

  • Atomwirtschaft-Atomtechnik 42 (1997), Nr. 11, S. 697-700

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