Actinide reference database for Spectroscopy (formerly AcXAS)


About AcReDaS

AcReDaS is a database for X-ray absorption spectra (XAS, i.e. XANES, EXAFS), Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman spectroscopy, and Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) of actinides and other elements.

AcReDaS has been established in the framework of TALISMAN to provide the scientific community with well characterized reference spectra to account for the limited availability of nuclear samples as well as of facilities able to measure such samples.

AcReDaS builds on AcXAS, a database established for XAS reference spectra of actinides established within ACTINET (finished in 01/2013) AcReDaS is open to the public; everybody is allowed to search its content. To download spectra, however, registration as AcReDaS User is required.

Terms of use

Any publication making use of AcReDaS must give proper credit first to the database itself by citing:

Rossberg A., Scheinost A.C., Schmeisser N., Rothe J., Kaden P., Schild D., Wiss T., Daehn R. (2014) "AcReDaS, an Actinide Reference Database for XAS, EELS, IR, Raman and NMR Spectroscopy",

and second by referencing the publication(s), where the spectra have been originally published. Note that this information is given along with the spectra.

Provide your reference spectra

Everybody is welcome to provide reference spectra. Please note that several criteria have to be met to accept your spectra as AcReDaS reference spectra. These include:

  1. Spectra must have been published in peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, or books at the moment of publication in AcReDaS.
  2. Only spectra of well characterized and documented samples are accepted. If no unique interpretation of the sample species has been obtained, then the original publication should describe at least the synthesis of the sample with sufficient precision to allow the replication of the synthesis.
  3. The spectral data have to be complemented by a minimum set of data collection parameters, which allow to replicate the measurement.
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