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The HZDR Alumni Network in a nutshell

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The HZDR Alumni Network

The next events:

  • Business & Beer 10.12.2019, starting at 5:15 pm - Werkstätten Hellerau & Restaurant Prag

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The main aim of the HZDR Alumni Network is to keep in touch with former researchers, employees and students, and to get them actively involved where and when possible. For instance, alumni, who are now working in industry, have the opportunity to get involved in our transfer projects as experts.

  • WHO? Everyone who has ever worked or carried out research at the HZDR
  • WHAT? Networking, career development, support of transfer-related projects
  • WHY? Exclusive events, expanding your network and much more
  • HOW? Simply register for the network  


The alumni meeting "Business and Beer" takes place twice a year. These meetings kick-start with a visit to a company or an exhibition, which is followed by a dinner in a local restaurant. You will be able to engage in interesting discussions, share you experiences - and most importantly, enjoy the evening together.


To give the current employees of the HZDR an understanding of what kind of careers are possible, especially in business, we invite our alumni to speak about their path from the HZDR to their current position at a company.


We are happy to invite our alumni to experience the HZDR and its research first-hand. No matter whether at a VIP reception on the day of “Tag des offenen Labors”, as a mentor at the Innovation Contest or at the summer parties of the institutes. Our newsletter will keep you posted.


When it comes to the development of a new technology, collaboration or the development of a potential commercialisation idea, the opinions of our alumni are very important to us. We consult those who work in the business world as experts and involve them in the transfer process. This interaction creates added value that benefits both the alumni and the research centre.


PhD students, scientists and students alike often ask themselves the same question: What do I do after my time in research? The HZDR mentoring programme is there to help you answer this question together with someone who has insight. Alumni provide advice and assistance to current HZDR employees as mentors.  


“Stay informed on what’s happening at the HZDR” – this is the idea behind our newsletter that we send twice a year. The newsletter contains information on current affairs, developments and events at the research centre, as well as activities pertaining to transfer. You will get the newsletters automatically after signing up for the Alumni Network. 

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Noora Iida Annikki Kinnunen
Phone: +49 351 260 2374