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Broschüre EMFL English

15 »I studied physics in Iran, and I’m now a Ph.D. student at the Dresden EMFL lab. Since I come from a theoretical physics background, for me, experiments in high magnetic fields are completely new territory. At first, I was a little bit concerned. But since I’ve been here, I really like it. My super- visor is simply wonderful – he supports me to the outmost and explains everything. I’m still only at the very beginning of my three-year journey here at Dresden. My research is focused on the magnetocaloric effect. The MCE is defined as the heating or cooling of a magnetic material in the magnetic field. It’s a powerful experimental tool in solid state physics. But it also has direct applications in magnetic refrigeration and heat transfer. Since we have extreme magnetic fields available here, we plan to investigate phase diagrams of novel materials. And the pulse duration of our magnets provides versatile and realistic conditions for magnetic refrigeration applications.« Mahdiyeh Ghorbani Zavareh Physicist, Iran ©JürgenJeibmann