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Broschüre EMFL English

3 Welcome to the European Magnetic Field Laboratory High magnetic fields are powerful tools used to study, modify, and control the different states of matter. It is the mission of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory (EMFL) to generate the highest possible magnetic fields for use in scientific research and make them available to the scientific community. In a truly European spirit, the three European major high magnetic field laboratories are working together as a single unit: the EMFL. Located in the heart of Europe, the unique magnets attract scientists from all over the world who are in need of these extreme fields for their research. The EMFL’s high magnetic fields help scientists reveal sometimes unexpected – but always highly valuable – properties of the materials they are studying. The strong fields can be arranged in such a way that they are even able to turn gravity upside down! No need to conduct research in a spaceship when you have a strong magnet you can use instead. High magnetic field experiments are the ideal way to gain insights into the matter that surrounds us. Magnetic fields allow for the systematic manipulation and control of material properties – which is why these kinds of experiments are conducted on new materials so that their fundamental properties can be explored and so that they can be optimised for future application. Very commonly, ma- terials research provides the basis for innovations that help boost the economy while offering clean technology solutions to problems we are finding ourselves faced with in today’s world. Think only of energy-efficient data storage, solar cells, sensors – the list goes on. 16 Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine are closely linked to magnetic field research. A European Collaboration Innovations