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Statistical entropy analysis as tool for circular economy: Proof of concept by optimizing a lithium-ion battery waste sieving system
Reuter, M. A.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Lundströma, M.; Santasalo-Aarnioa, A.; Velázquez Martíneza, O.; Serna-Guerreroa, R.;

Dendritic structure formation of magnesium alloys for the manipulation of corrosion properties: Part 1 – microstructure
Łakoma, P.; Ditze, A.; Scharf, C.;
  • International Journal of Materials Research 109(2018)12, 1081-1091
    DOI: 10.3139/146.111708

Impact of flotation hydrodynamics on the optimization of fine-grained carbonaceous sedimentary apatite ore beneficiation
Hoang, D. H.; Hassanzadeh, A.; Peuker, U. A.; Rudolph, M.;

Thermodynamic evaluation using the law of mass action under consideration of the activity coefficients in the system NdCl3-HCl (or NaOH)-H2O-DEHPA-kerosene
Scharf, C.; Ditze, A.;

Interface reactions of differently coated carbon-bonded alumina filters with an AZ91 magnesium alloy melt
Schramm, A.; Bock, B.; Schmidt, A.; Zienert, T.; Ditze, A.; Scharf, C.; Aneziris, C. G.;

Semi-Solid remelting of Magnesium-Chips
Ohmann, S.; Ditze, A.ORC; Scharf, C.

Froth properties and entrainment in lab-scale flotation: A case of carbonaceous sedimentary phosphate ore
Hoang, D. H.; Heitkam, S.; Kupka, N.; Hassanzadeh, A.; Peuker, U. A.; Rudolph, M.;

Radiometric Normalization of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Images Based on a Gaussian Mixture Model and Error Ellipse
Ghanbari, H.; Homayouni, S.; Ghamisi, P.; Safari, A.;
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 11(2018)11, 4526-4533
    DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2018.2871373

Feature importance analysis for Local Climate Zone classification using a residual convolutional neural network with multi-source datasets
Qiu, C.; Schmitt, M.; Mou, L.; Ghamisi, P.; Zhu, X. X.;

Hyperspectral and LiDAR Fusion Using Deep Three-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks
Li, H.; Ghamisi, P.; Soergel, U.; Zhu, X. X.;

MsRi-CCF: Multi-Scale and Rotation-Insensitive Convolutional Channel Features for Geospatial Object Detection
Wu, X.; Hong, D.; Ghamisi, P.; Li, W.; Tao, R.;
  • Open Access LogoRemote Sensing 10(2018)12, 1990

An introduction to the thematic issue on “Ore deposits in the Variscan basement of Central Europe”
Gutzmer, J.; Markl, G.;

An investigation of the recovery and kinetics during the flotation of residual petroleum coke in lime calcination exhaust tailings
Vaziri Hassas, B.; Guven, O.; Hassanzadeh, A.;

Evaluation of Magnetic Separation Efficiency on a Cassiterite-Bearing Skarn Ore by Means of Integrative SEM-Based Image and XRF–XRD Data Analysis
Buchmann, M.; Schach, E.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Leißner, T.; Astoveza, J.; Kern, M.; Möckel, R.; Ebert, D.; Rudolph, M.; van den Boogaart, K. G.;

The inherent link between ore formation and geometallurgy as documented by complex tin mineralization at the Hämmerlein deposit (Erzgebirge, Germany)
Kern, M.; Kästner, J.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Jeske, T.; Gutzmer, J.;

Age and genesis of polymetallic veins in the Freiberg district, Erzgebirge, Germany: constraints from radiogenic isotopes
Ostendorf, J.; Henjes-Kunst, F.; Seifert, T.; Gutzmer, J.;

Trace element geochemistry of sphalerite in contrasting hydrothermal fluid systems of the Freiberg district, Germany: insights from LA-ICP-MS analysis, near-infrared light microthermometry of sphalerite-hosted fluid inclusions, and sulfur isotope geochemistry
Bauer, M. E.; Burisch, M.; Ostendorf, J.; Krause, J.; Frenzel, M.ORC; Seifert, T.; Gutzmer, J.

Indium and selenium distribution in the Neves-Corvo deposit, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal
Carvalho, J. R. S.; Relvas, J. M. R. S.; Pinto, A. M. M.; Frenzel, M.; Krause, J.; Gutzmer, J.; Pacheco, N.; Fonseca, R.; Santos, S.; Caetano, P.; Reis, T.; Goncalves, M.;

The geometallurgical assessment of by-products - Geochemical proxies for the complex mineralogical deportment of indium at Neves-Corvo, Portugal
Frenzel, M.ORC; Bachmann, K.; Carvalho, J. R. S.; Relvas, J. M. R. S.; Pacheco, N.; Gutzmer, J.

Simulation-based exergy, thermo-economic and environmental footprint analysis of primary copper production
Abadías Llamas, A.; Reuter, M. A.; Valero Capilla, A.; Torres Cuadra, C.; Peltomäki, M.; Stelter, M.; Valero Delgado, A.; Roine, A.; Hultgren, M.;

Surface nanobubbles on the carbonate mineral dolomite
Owens, C. L.ORC; Schach, E.; Rudolph, M.ORC; Nash, G. R.

Improving landslide susceptibility mapping using morphometric features in the Mawat area, Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq: Comparison of different statistical models
Othman, A. A.; Gloaguen, R.; Andreani, L.ORC; Rahnama, M.

Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) for beryllium-7 measurements in smallest rainwater samples
Tiessen, C.; Bemmerer, D.; Rugel, G.; Querfeld, R.; Scharf, A.; Steinhauser, G.; Merchel, S.ORC

A fine future - Flotation in times of circular economy and energy transition
Rudolph, M.ORC
  • Open Access LogoAT Mineral Processing 59(2018), 56-64

Accelerator mass spectrometry measurement of the reaction ³⁵Cl(n,gamma)³⁶Cl at keV energies
Pavetich, S.; Wallner, A.; Martschini, M.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Dillmann, I.; Fifield, K.; Halfon, S.; Heftrich, T.; KÄppeler, F.; Lederer-Woods, C.; Merchel, S.ORC; Paul, M.; Reifarth, R.; Rugel, G.; Steier, P.; Tessler, M.; Tims, S.; Weigand, M.; Weissman, L.

Oxidative leaching of a sulfidic flue dust of former copper shale processing with focus on rhenium
Helbig, T.; Gilbricht, S.; Lehmann, F.; Daus, B.; Kelly, N.; Haseneder, R.; Scharf, C.;

Limits of the circular economy: Fairphone modular design pushing the limits
Reuter, M. A.; Ballester, M.; van Schaik, A.;
  • World of Metallurgy - Erzmetall 2(2018)71, 68-79
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Sustainable Minerals '18 - Towards a circular economy // MEI Conference, 14.-15.06.2018, Windhoek, Namibia

Identification of Peptides as alternative recycling tools via Phage Surface Display – How biology supports Geosciences
Lederer, F. L.; Braun, R.; Schöne, L. M.; Pollmann, K.;

Surficial and deep earth material prediction from geochemical compositions - a spatial predictive model
Talebi, H.; Mueller, U.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Grunsky, E. C.; Mckinley, J. M.; de Caritat, P.;

Geostatistical Simulation of Geochemical Compositions in the Presence of Multiple Geological Units: Application to Mineral Resource Evaluation
Talebi, H.; Mueller, U.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; van den Boogaart, K. G.;

Integration of Terrestrial and Drone-Borne Hyperspectral and Photogrammetric Sensing Methods for Exploration Mapping and Mining Monitoring
Kirsch, M.; Lorenz, S.; Zimmermann, R.; Tusa, L.; Möckel, R.; Hödl, P.; Booysen, R.; Khodadadzadeh, M.; Gloaguen, R.;

Post-Younger Dryas fault instability and deformations on ice lineations in Finnish Lapland
Sutinen, R.; Andreani, L.; Middleton, M.;

New software protocols for enabling laboratory based temporal CT
Gajjar, P.; Jorgensen, J. S.; Godinho, J. R. A.; Johnson, C. G.; Ramsey, A.; Withers, P. J.;

The Potential of Reflectance and Laser Induced Luminescence Spectroscopy for Near-Field Rare Earth Element Detection in Mineral Exploration
Lorenz, S.; Beyer, J.; Fuchs, M.; Seidel, P.; Turner, D.; Heitmann, J.; Gloaguen, R.;

Quaternary evolution of the Ploučnice River system (Bohemian Massif) based on fluvial deposits dated with optically stimulated luminescence and in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides
Stor, T.; Schaller, M.; Merchel, S.ORC; Martínek, K.; Rittenour, T.; Rugel, G.; Scharf, A.

Phytotoxicity of polymetallic mine wastes from southern Tuscany and Saxony
Franzaring⁠⁠, J.; Ancora⁠, S.; Paoli⁠, L.; Fongoh⁠, A. H.; Büttner⁠, P.; Fangmeier⁠, A.; Schlosser⁠, S.; Monaci, F.;

Stellar and thermal neutron capture cross section of ⁹Be
Wallner, A.; Bichler, M.; Coquard, L.; Dillmann, I.; Forstner, O.; Golser, R.; Heil, M.; Käppeler, F.; Kutschera, W.; Martschini, M.; Mengoni, A.; Merchel, S.ORC; Michlmayr, L.; Priller, A.; Steier, P.; Wiescher, M.

Challenges in predicting the role of water chemistry in flotation through simulation with an emphasis on the influence of electrolytes
Michaux, B.; Rudolph, M.; Reuter, M. A.;

Reprocessing of a southern Chilean Zn tailing by flotation - a case study
Babel, B.; Penz, M.; Schach, E.; Böhme, S.; Rudolph, M.;

Draft Genome Sequence of Bacillus safensis JG-B5T isolated from a uranium mining waste pile
Fischer, S.; Krause, T.; Jordan, N.; Lederer, F.; Jain, R.;

Joint simulation of compositional and categorical data via direct sampling technique – Application to improve mineral resource confidence
Talebi, H.; Mueller, U.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.;

Feldspar flotation as a quartz-purification method in cosmogenic nuclide dating: A case study of fluvial sediments from the Pamir
Sulaymonova, V. A.ORC; Fuchs, M. C.ORC; Gloaguen, R.ORC; Möckel, R.; Merchel, S.ORC; Rudolph, M.ORC; Krbetschek, M. R.

Description of Ore Particles from X-Ray Microtomography (XMT) Images, Supported by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)-Based Image Analysis
Furat, O.; Leißner, T.; Ditscherlein, R.; Šedivý, O.; Weber, M.; Bachmann, K.; Gutzmer, J.; Peuker, U.; Schmidt, V.;

Phytotoxicity of tin mine waste and accumulation of involved heavy metals in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)
Franzaring, J.; Damsohn, W.; Fangmeier, A.; Schlosser, S.; Kurz, H.; Büttner, P.;

Mapping sedimentary facies and fluvial-aeolian interaction by remote sensing (Sossusvlei, Namib Desert)
Feder, A.; Zimmermann, R.ORC; Stollhofen, H.; Caracciolo, L.; Garzanti, E.; Andreani, L.ORC

The mineralogy of weathering products of Bi-bearing tennantite – clues for the process and the mobilisation of heavy metals and toxic elements
Keim, M.; Staude, S.; Marquardt, K.; Bachmann, K.; Opitz, J.; Markl, G.;

Peptides as Biosorbents - Promising tools for resource recovery
Braun, R.; Bachmann, S.; Schönberger, N.; Matys, S.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.;

Role of sodium carbonate in scheelite flotation – a multi-faceted reagent
Kupka, N.; Rudolph, M.;

Near-field optical examination of potassium n-butyl 2 xanthate / chalcopyrite flotation products
Firkala, T.; Kuschewski, F.; Nörenberg, T.; Klopf, J. M.; Pashkin, A.; Foerstendorf, H.; Rudolph, M.; Kehr, S. C.; Eng, L. M.;

Investigation of fluids in macrocrystalline and microcrystalline quartz in agate using Thermogravimetry-Mass-Spectrometry
Richter-Feig, J.; Möckel, R.; Götze, J.; Heide, G.;

Thermodynamic evaluations using the law of mass action under consideration of the activity coefficients in the system NdCl₃-HCl (or NaOH)-H₂O-DEHPA-kerosene
Scharf, C.; Ditze, A.;

Integration of Vessel‐Based Hyperspectral Scanning and 3D‐Photogrammetry for Mobile Mapping of Steep Coastal Cliffs in the Arctic
Salehi, S.; Lorenz, S.; Sørensen, E. V.; Zimmermann, R.; Fensholt, R.; Heincke, B. H.; Kirsch, M.; Gloaguen, R.;

Challenges of digitalizing the circular economy: Assessment of the state-of-the-art of metallurgical carrier metal platform for lead and its associated technology elements
van Schalkwyk, R. F.; Reuter, M. A.; Gutzmer, J.; Stelter, M.;

Property-based Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Separation Processes using Dynamic Binning and Neural Networks
Hannula, J.; Kern, M.; Luukkanen, S.; Roine, A.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Reuter, M. A.;

Radiometric Correction and 3D Integration of Long-Range Ground-based Hyperspectral Imagery for Mineral Exploration of Vertical Outcrops
Lorenz, S.; Salehi, S.; Kirsch, M.; Zimmermann, R.; Unger, G.; Sørensen, E. V.; Gloaguen, R.;
  • Open Access LogoRemote Sensing 10(2018)2, 176
    DOI: 10.3390/rs10020176
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Whispers Conference 9th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing, 23.-26.09.2018, Amsterdam, Nederland

Hydrothermal formation of HREE-xenotime deposits at 100 °C in a sedimentary basin
Richter, L.; Diamond, L. W.; Atanasova, P.; Banks, D. A.; Gutzmer, J.;

Platinum-group element and minerals in the Lower and Middle Group chromitites of the western Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Junge, M.; Oberthür, T.; Osbahr, I.; Gutter, P.;

Hydrothermal Formation of HREE-Xenotime Deposits at 100 °C in a Sedimentary Basin
Richter, L.; Diamond, L. W.; Atanasova, P.; Banks, D. A.; Gutzmer, J.;

Flotation study of fine grained carbonaceous sedimentary apatite ore – Challenges in process mineralogy and impact of hydrodynamics
Hoang, D. H.ORC; Kupka, N.; Peuker, U. A.ORC; Rudolph, M.ORC

GGR Biennial Critical Review: Analytical Developments Since 2014
Linge, K. L.; Bédard, L. P.; Bugoi, R.; Enzweiler, J.; Jochum, K. P.; Kilian, R.; Jingao, L.; Marin-Carbonne, J.; Merchel, S.; Munnik, F.; Morales, L. F. G.; Rollion-Bard, C.; Souders, A. K.; Sylvester, P. J.; Weis, U.;

Removal and recovery of uranium by waste digested activated sludge in fed-batch stirred tank reactor
Jain, R.; Peräniemi, S.; Jordan, N.; Vogel, M.; Weiss, S.; Foerstendorf, H.; Lakaniemi, A. M.;

Recovery potential of flotation tailings assessed by spatial modelling of automated mineralogy data
Büttner, P.; Osbahr, I.; Zimmermann, R.; Leißner, T.; Satge, L.; Gutzmer, J.;

Screening and selection of technologically applicable microorganisms for recovery of rare earth elements from fluorescent powder
Hopfe, S.; Konsulke, S.; Barthen, R.; Lehmann, F.; Kutschke, S.; Pollmann, K.;

Desertification Susceptibility Mapping Using Logistic Regression Analysis in the Djelfa Area, Algeria
Djeddaoui, F.; Chadli, M.; Gloaguen, R.;

Characterizing mineral wettabilities on a microscale by colloidal probe atomic force microscopy
Babel, B. M.; Rudolph, M.;
  • Minerals Engineering 121(2018), 212-219
    DOI: 10.1016/j.mineng.2018.02.003
  • Lecture (Conference)
    NanoScientific Forum Europe, 10.-12.10.2018, Freiberg, Deutschland

Geostatistics with compositional data, an overview
Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Mueller, U.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V.; Egozcue, J. J.;

3D modelling of the Epembe (Namibia) Nb-Ta-P-(LREE) carbonatite deposit: new insights into geometry related to rare metal enrichment
Unger, G.; Zimmermann, R.ORC; Gloaguen, R.ORC

Integrative interpretation of potential field data by 3D-modeling and visualization
Götze, H.-J.; Schmidt, S.; Menzel, P.;

Production of Amphiphilic Hydroxamate Siderophores Marinobactins by Marinobacter sp. DS40M6 for Bioflotation Process
Schrader, S.; Kutschke, S.; Rudolph, M.; Pollmann, K.;

Neutron imaging of froth structure and particle motion
Heitkam, S.; Rudolph, M.; Lappan, T.; Sarma, M.; Eckert, S.; Trtik, P.; Lehmann, E.; Vontobel, P.; Eckert, K.ORC

Drone-borne hyperspectral monitoring of acid mine drainage. An example from the Sokolov lignite district.
Jackisch, R.; Lorenz, S.; Zimmermann, R.; Möckel, R.; Gloaguen, R.;

Bio-recycling of metals: Recycling of technical products using biological applications
Pollmann, K.; Kutschke, S.; Matys, S.; Raff, J.; Hlawacek, G.; Lederer, F. L.;

Investigation of the Ga Complexation Behaviour of the Siderophore Desferrioxamine B
Jain, R.; Cirina, F.; Kaden, P.; Pollmann, K.;

The application of atomic force microscopy in mineral flotation - A critical review
Butt, H.-J.; Xing, Y.; Gui, X.; Cao, Y.; Babel, B.; Rudolph, M.ORC; Weber, S.; Kappl, M.

Limits on Supernova- Associated Fe-60/Al-26 Nucleosynthesis Ratios from Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Deep-Sea Sediments
Feige, J.; Wallner, A.; Fifield, L. K.; Golser, R.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Steier, P.; Tims, S. G.; Winkler, S. R.;

Oncoidal granular iron formation in the Mesoarchaean Pongola Supergroup, southern Africa: Textural and geochemical evidence for biological activity during iron deposition
Smith, A. J. B.; Beukes, N. J.; Gutzmer, J.; Czaja, A. D.; Johnson, C. M.; Nhleko, N.;

Die Energiewende braucht verlässliche Rahmenbedingungen für den Metallerzbergbau - The energy transition needs a reliable framework for metal ore mining
Wellmer, F. W.; Gutzmer, J.; Kullik, J.; Erlach, B.;
  • GAIA - Ökologische Perspektiven für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft 26(2017)3, 233-236
    DOI: 10.14512/gaia.26.3.4

Adsorption of furfural from torrefaction condensate using torrefied biomass
Doddapaneni, T. R. K.; Jain, R.; Praveenkumar, R.; Rintala, J.; Romar, H.; Konttinen, J.;

Yedoma Ice Complex of the Buor Khaya Peninsula (southern Laptev Sea)
Schirrmeister, L.; Schwamborn, G.; Overduin, P. P.; Strauss, J.; Fuchs, M. C.; Grigoriev, M.; Yakshina, I.; Rethemeyer, J.; Dietze, E.; Wetterich, S.;

Recovery of iron and lead from a secondary lead smelter matte by magnetic separation
Kukurugya, F.; Rahfeld, A.; Möckel, R.; Nielsen, P.; Horckmans, L.; Spooren, J.; Broos, K.;

Solvent extraction: fundamental equilibrium studies of neodymium and DEHPA
Scharf, C.; Ditze, A.;

Protracted river recovery from medieval earthquakes
Stolle, A.; Schwanghart, W.; Andermann, C.; Bernhardt, A.; Wittmann, H.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Fort, M.; Adhikari, B. R.; Korup, O.;

Froth flotation of scheelite - a review
Kupka, N.; Rudolph, M.;

Enhancements in full-field PIXE imaging - large area elemental mapping with increased lateral resolution devoid of optics artefacts
Buchriegler, J.ORC; Klingner, N.ORC; Hanf, D.; Munnik, F.; Nowak, S. H.ORC; Scharf, O.; Ziegenrücker, R.; Renno, A. D.; von Borany, J.

Quantifying the relative availability of high-tech by-product metals – The cases of gallium, germanium and indium
Frenzel, M.; Mikolajczak, C.; Reuther, M. A.; Gutzmer, J.;

Low-cost production of a beryllium-7 tracer from rainwater and purification: preliminary results
Querfeld, R.; Merchel, S.; Steinhauser, G.;

Variation in platinum group mineral and base metal sulfide assemblages in the Lower Group chromitites of the western Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Bachmann, K.; Osbahr, I.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Chetty, D.; Gutzmer, J.;

Indium-bearing sulphides from the Hämmerlein skarn deposit, Erzgebirge, Germany - Evidence for late stage diffusion of indium into sphalerite
Bauer, M. E.; Seifert, T.; Burisch, M.; Krause, J.; Richter, N.; Gutzmer, J.;

Quantitative mineralogical analysis of European Kupferschiefer ore
Rahfeld, A.; Kleeber, R.; Möckel, R.; Gutzmer, J.;

Simplified Expression and Production of Small Metal Binding Peptides
Braun, R.ORC; Matys, S.ORC; Schoenberger, N.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.

Glacier melt buffers river runoff in the Pamir Mountains
Pohl, E.ORC; Gloaguen, R.ORC; Andermann, C.; Knoche, M.

Hyperspectral and LiDAR Fusion Using Extinction Profiles and Total Variation Component Analysis
Rasti, B.; Ghamis, I. P.; Gloaguen, R.;

Integration of spectral, spatial and morphometric data into lithological mapping: A comparison of different Machine Learning Algorithms in the Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq
Othman, A. A.; Gloaguen, R.;

Genesis of the Carbonate-Hosted Tres Marias Zn-Pb-(Ge) Deposit, Mexico: Constraints from Rb-Sr Sphalerite Geochronology and Pb Isotopes
Ostendorf, J.; Henjes-Kunst, F.; Schneider, J.; Melcher, F.; Gutzmer, J.;

Calculating the deportment of a fine-grained and compositionally complex Sn skarn with a modified approach for automated mineralogy
Kern, M.; Möckel, R.; Krause, J.; Teichmann, J.; Gutzmer, J.;

Investigation of a bioflotation interface with infrared spectroscopy
Firkala, T.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.; Rudolph, M.;

Phage display – a new tool for the recovery of valuable metals from primary and secondary resources
Matys, S.; Lederer, F.; Schönberger, N.; Braun, R.; Lehmann, F.; Flemming, K.; Bachmann, S.; Curtis, S.; Macgillivray, R.; Pollmann, K.;
  • Open Access LogoSolid State Phenomena 262(2017), 443-446
    DOI: 10.4028/
  • Lecture (Conference)
    22. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, 24.-27.09.2017, Freiberg, Deutschland

Year-round record of bulk and size-segregated aerosol composition in central Antarctica (Concordia site) Part 2: Biogenic sulfur (sulfate and methanesulfonate) aerosol
Legrand, M.; Preunkert, S.; Weller, R.; Zipf, L.; Elsässer, C.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Wagenbach, D.;

MLA-based detection of organic matter with iodized epoxy resin – An alternative to carnauba
Rahfeld, A.; Gutzmer, J.;

Eco-efficiency indicator framework implemented in the metallurgical industry: part 2-a case study from the copper industry
Reuter, M. A.; Ronnlund, I.; Horn, S.; Aho, J.; Aho, M.; Paallysaho, M.; Ylimaki, L.; Pursula, T.;

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