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Ódor, G.; Kelling, J.; Gemming, S.

Aging of the (2+1)-dimensional …

Physical Review E 89(2014), 032146


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Efficient Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Efficient Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt [DBU]) announces the launch of a groundbreaking project for which the HZDR is developing sophisticated measuring sensors. The aim is to supply oxygen more efficiently to the microbes that are used in biological treatment stages. Such efficiency speeds up the purification process and saves energy. In addition to HZDR and the TU Dortmund University, three partners from the industrial sector are also participating in the project. More


Ph.D. students at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory (picture credit: Jürgen Jeibmann)

How can energy and resources be utilized in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way?

How can malignant tumors be more precisely visualized, characterized, and more effectively treated?

How do matter and materials behave under the influence of strong fields and in smallest dimensions?