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News of 05.10.2015

Zwei der besten Azubis Dresdens – HZDR erneut für Ausbildung ausgezeichnet

Abermals werden zwei Absolventen aus dem Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) für ihre hervorragenden Prüfungsergebnisse von der Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Dresden ausgezeichnet. Am Montag, den 05.10.2015, erhalten Richard Kaubisch und David …


Press Release of 22.09.2015

Tracking down the beam

Proton beams are new high-precision weapons in the fight against cancer. However, uncertainty with regard to the range of the beams has prevented the full exploitation of the potential of this method until now. Researchers all over the world are therefore …


News of 21.09.2015

Controlling Material Properties with Light

A team of researchers from ICFO – the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain, and the HZDR in Dresden, Germany, discovered a new way to control domains utilizing terahertz radiation from the unique free-electron laser FELBE at the HZDR. The results of …



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Cancer Research in Dresden

Interdisciplinary research is essential to make progress in the fight against cancer. A close cooperation therefore connects the HZDR with the University Hospital and the Technical University of Dresden at the jointly operated OncoRay center. The three institutions also form a consortium that will expand Dresden to a partner site of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT).More

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