Nanoscale Modification of Surfaces and Thin Films
Rathen, Germany, August 30 - September 3, 2009

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Sunday, 30 August 2009
19:00Welcome reception
Monday, 31 August 2009
Continuum Theory
9:15Scott NorrisFrom Crater functions to Phase Diagrams: linking MD and PDE
10:00Javier Muñoz-GarcíaQuantitative description of IBS nanopattern dynamics through an effective interface equation
10:55Stefan J. LinzContinuum modeling of surface patterning by ion-beam erosion
11:20Geza OdorSurface pattern and scaling study using lattice gas models
11:45Reiner KreeFrom Kinetic to Continuum Theory of Ion Beam Sputtering: Beyond Bradley-Harper
13:40Maria StepanovaIon beam sputtering nanopatterning of thin metal films
14:25Jihyun-H. KimFabrication of Ordered Nano-Structures by Sequential Ion Beam Sputtering
14:50Tomas SkerenModification of the Ni surface morphology by low energy Ar+ ion bombardment
15:45Debabrata GhoseIBS nanostructuring of polycrystalline metal films: the role of incidence angle and surface roughness
16:30Alex RedingerMaking channeling visible
16:55Yudi RosandiAnisotropic damage creation by sub-surface channeled ions
17:20Herbert WormeesterSingle ion impact on Cu(001): Amorphisation, channeling and focusons
Evening lecture
19:30Peter GnauckThe Orion He-Ion Microscope: A new tool for high resolution material analysis
Tuesday, 1 September 2009
9:00Thorsten PetersPatterning of insulating surfaces by electronic excitation (swift heavy ions)
9:45Jens VöllnerErosion mechanism on fused silica during low-energy ion beam sputtering
10:10Franciszek KrokBallistic versus electronic processes in ion-induced nanostructuring of ionic surfaces
11:05Bert VoigtländerFormation and Characterization of Si/Ge Nanostructures at the Atomic Level
11:50Christian TeichertMound formation in organic thin film growth on ion bombarded mica
Atomistic Modelling
13:45Wolfgang EcksteinIon-surface interaction
14:30Bartosz LiedkeIon-induced surface pattern evolution in computer simulations with a new approach - unification of collision cascade and kinetic 3D Monte Carlo calculations
14:55Peter SüleThe molecular dynamics simulation of ion-induced ripple growth
15:50Hans HofsässSurfactant sputtering
16:35Sven MackoIon beam pattern formation on Si(001) with and without codeposition
17:00Raul GagoTuning the morphology of silicon surface nanopatterns induced by low-energy ion beam sputtering with simultaneous metal incorporation
17:45Jing ZhouLow energy ion sputtering on Si surfaces: roughening versus smoothening
19:30Poster Session
Wednesday, 2 September 2009
9:00Tom OatesAnisotropic plasmonic nanostructures from ion-beam sputtered ripple-templates: production and optical characterization
9:45Andrea TomaIBS synthesis of metal /polymer nanowire arrays with anisotropic plasmonic properties and non-linear optical activity
11:00Frank EvertsOptical Anisotropy Induced by Oblique Incidence Ion Bombardment of Ag(001)
11:25Jürgen FassbenderNanomagnets - created and tailored by ions
19:00Conference dinner
Thursday, 3 September 2009
9:00Lumin WangPatterned Nanostructures by Energetic Particle Beam Irradiation
9:45Sebastien Le RoySelf-sustained etch masking: a new concept to initiate the formation of nanopatterns during ion erosion.
10:10Indra SulaniaSurface Patterning on Indium Phosphide with Low Energy Bombardment : An Evolution from Nanodots to Nanoripples
11:05Frank FrostPatterning of Si surfaces by ion beam erosion: processes and applications
11:50Andreas BiermannsInfluence of the ion distribution on shape and damage in Xe-induced ripples on Si