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Development of a user friendly graphic user interface for 3D automated mineralogy (Id 336)

Master theses / Student Assistant

Foto: 3D image of a crushed REE (red) bearing carbonate rock ©Copyright: Dr. Jose Ricardo da Assuncao GodinhoOur research team is developing a new method to analyse and measure the 3D properties of particles using X-ray computed tomography (CT). The method consists in preparing and scanning the sample (laboratory work), and processing the 3D image of the sample according to the sample’s characteristics. The image processing steps have been developed as a python code that now requires a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) that users can use without programming knowledge. The resulting software will be the first to enable the automatic classification and quantification of the 3D properties of valuable minerals inside rocks and recyclable materials. This would be an impactful tool in the mining, minerals processing and recycling industries.

Tasks (6 months):

  • Develop a user-friendly GUI that can be used to input the necessary analysis parameters, to quantify the particle properties and to visualize the results using already developed image processing scripts.
  • Create statistical and machine learning analysis visualization tools to link the different particle properties, and incorporate them into the GUI.
  • Possibility to obtain experience in sample preparation and analysis using CT.

Department: X-ray and bulk analytics

Contact: Dr. da Assuncao Godinho, Jose Ricardo, Gupta, Shuvam


  • Ongoing degree in computer sciences (or similar) with an interest in raw materials and 3D imaging; or degree in Earth sciences (or similar) with demonstrable computer skills
  • Work knowledge with Javascript or similar language
  • Experience or desire to learn about developing graphical user interfaces
  • Experience using large data analysis and visualization software is beneficial (e.g. using Orange3, spark, etc)


  • Place of work is the Freiberg campus

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