Radiation Source ELBE

Head/ Administration

NameBld./Office+49 351 260EmailPosition/Tasks
Wagner Dr., Andreas620/3123261
a.wagnerAthzdr.deHead Nuclear Physics Division, Head Radiation Source ELBE
Fischer, Nicki Elisa620/1163932
n.fischerAthzdr.deSecretary Institute of Radiation Physics


NameBld./Office+49 351 260EmailPosition/Tasks
Klopf Dr., John Michael620/3182463
klopf@hzdr.deFEL Beamline Scientist
Kösterke, Isabel540/2053329
+49 160 7014868
i.koesterkeAthzdr.deRSO - Radiation safety officer building 540/542 (ELBE, Laser, Neutron Generator)
Murcek, Petr620/3162292
Ryzhov Dr., Anton620/3303452
a.ryzhovAthzdr.deSRF-Gun, Photocathode UV laser and laser beam transport
Siemon, Mike620/3212727
+49 171 5369145
m.siemonAthzdr.deOperating engineer for vacuum and mechanical systems
Xiang Dr., Rong620/3303548
r.xiangAthzdr.deStaff scientist, SRF-Gun, Photocathode