ELBE uses a linear accelerator without recirculation for a wide variety of applications. This, as well as the arrangement of the experiments in individual radiation-shielded caves requires the installation of several beam dumps with different performance requirements. The following table summarizes the design parameters of the individual beam dumps.





Power Capacity


50 MeV

1 mA

50 kW


50 MeV

1 mA

50 kW

Radiation Physics

50 MeV

0,2 mA

10 kW

Nuclear Spectroscopy

20 MeV

1,0 mA

20 kW

Auxiliary Dump

50 MeV

0,1 mA

5 kW


Most ELBE beam dumps share a common design, shown in the picture below. The beam is stopped in a graphite block held in vacuum which dissipates the generated heat by radiation only. The dump vacuum is separated from the beamline UHV by a 0.5mm thick Be window. The stainless-steel vessel of the dump and the window are water cooled. Every beam dump has its individual (primary) cooling circuit connected via heat-exchanger to the main cooling system. The primary circuit containes enough water to accept the stored energy of the graphite block in case of failure of the main cooling circuit. The pumps of the primary coolant circuit are operated with a power backup. The beamdump vessel is surrounded by a 10-20 cm iron radiation shielding, additional lead shields are installed as required by the particular location.