Dr. Martin Kreller

Head Targetry, Target Chemistry and Radiopharmacy
Phone: +49 351 260 4029

Cyclotron "TR-FLEX"

The generation of radioisotopes at HZDR is performed by a 30 MeV TR-Flex cyclotron (Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc., ACSI, Canada). Hydrogen ions generated in an external ion source with an ion current between 10 -300 µA are accelerated and extracted to protons with the help of stripping foils at two extraction ports. The protons can be directed into two beamlines by a switching magnet at extraction port 1. Each target station is equipped with several targets systems suitable for bombardment of liquids, solids and gases. With the help of these target systems radioisotopes as [18F]fluorine and [11C]carbon in form of [18F]F-, [18F]F2, [11C]CO2, [11C]CH4 but also radiometals as 64Cu, 67Cu, 86Y, 89Zr, 131Ba, 133La and others are regulary produced.

Technical features of the TR-Flex

  • particles accelerated: H-, particles extracted: H+
  • energy of protons: 18 MeV – 30 MeV, variable
  • ion source : Multicusp, external
  • ion beam: up to 300 µA, extracted
  • extraction ports: 2 simultaneous with independently variable currents, 2 beamlines connected at extraction port 1
  • vacuum system: 3 cryo-pumps, 2 turbomolecular pumps, 2 backing pumps
  • operating vacuum: 10-6 mbar
  • magnet design: 4 sectors, 619 mm pole radius, 2.2 T maximum flux density
  • RF system: 2 dees, 45°, 50 kV dee voltage
  • RF frequency: 85 MHz
  • RF power: 60 kW

Radionuclide transport system

The automated transport system enabling the loading and unloading of the targets as well the transport of the radionuclides in shielded tube lines from the cyclotron to the hot cells within the building under all security related control and monitoring aspects was designed and installed from the HZDR Department of Research Technology.