Research at the Institute of Radiation Physics

The institute is involved into the Research Fields of Matter and Health.

ELBE - Center for High-Power Radiation Sources


The ELBE - Center for High-Power Radiation Sources and successfully combines research with user operations successfully. ELBE consists of a superconducting electron accelerator and two high-power laser systems, the ultra-short pulse laser "Draco" and a fully diode-pumped energy-efficient Petawattsystem "Penelope" under development.


Research with Highest Electromagnetic Field

Abteilung Hadronenphysik

Within the scope of this topic is the understanding and description of matter under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The institute of radiation physics coordinates the Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Field (HIBEF).

Accelerator Research and Development

Der Teilchen-Beschleuniger ELBE im HZDR
Modern accelerators are essential for research with the highest electromagnetic fields. The improvement and further development of components is therefore a central concern of our institute and is divided in the topics:

Detector Technologies and Systemse

Teil der Ausleseelektronik einer im Dresdner Forschungsverbund OncoRay entwickelten Kamera zur Überwachung der Partikeltherapie bei Krebs.

Understanding the interactions between high-energy radiation and matter requires highly sensitive detector systems. For the research on extreme lengths, time and energy scales new concepts are developed in our institute.


150 TW Laserionenbeschleunigung Target
Interesting, compact and cost-effective alternatives to today's accelerator systems for radiotherapy are being explored. The effect of the novel radiation quality is investigated in biological systems by means of compact laser plasma accelerators in collaboration with the Institute of Radiooncology - OncoRay.