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Steffen Rösch
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Building and Technical Facility Management (FKTM)

Head of department: Dipl.-Ing. Marion Oelke

The department of Building and Technical Facility Management is responsible for management, maintenance, new construction, redevelopment and technical improvement of HZDR buildings and partially also for the campus as a whole.

It is divided in two thematic groups (contact persons)

Marion Oelke

Phone: 3506

Fax: 3640

Steffen Rösch

Phone: 3500

Fax: 3540

The duty of the Technical Facility Management Group is

  • running and maintenance of buildings, field installations and streets

  • operation and upkeep of technical instrumentation in buildings

  • running all installations for supply and distribution of electricity, heat and water

  • maintenance of object documentation and the real estate map

The technical facility management group takes care of all building equipment and also supply engineering facilities of HZDR and VKTA at Dresden, Leipzig and Freiberg.

The essential part of this task is done by companies that are tied to maintenance contracts, framework agreements or individual contracts. The technical facility management group is responsible for preparing the orders and their monitoring, billing and documentation.

In a systematic renovation program supervised the technical facility management group the rehabilitation of infrastructure utilities of the site and its adaptation to the needs of a modern research facility.

For example, the entire wastewater and stormwater systems were repaired or renewed (fig. 1), the air line was re-routed and the drinking water network was renewed to meet modern requirements of drinking water hygiene. Also a high-performance power supply was built. A further object is to ensure continuous operation of the media supply for research equipment and facilities as well as adaptating premises and utilities to new or changed research tasks.

 stormwater storage basin    
Fig. 1: stormwater storage basin    

The Civil Engineering Group is responsible for the medium and large construction projects in the area of new building and renovation at the Helmholtz Centre. This includes planning, preparation, supervision and commissioning in building projects. In greater projects external architects and engineers perform most of the planning and supervising work on contractual basis. The orders to construction companies are given after public calls for tender, partially also published in the EU database TED.

Until 2016 this group focussed on the construction of special laboratory buildings the Center of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research (CRC) and the DREsden Sodium facility for DYNamo and thermohydraulic studies (DRESDYN).

2010, the old boiler house was replaced by a modern facility, which is used to supply heat and electricity generation for the site. With this new building, the legal framework, even for future construction projects at the site are met. 

In addition to the new construction, renovation and upgrading work was carried out for the existing buildings to adapt to changing scientific use. Much emphasis was put on meeting the requirements of structural fire protection and energy saving regulations   (fig. 2 - 4).

fire protection reconstruction of buildings reconstruction of control area
fig. 2: improved efficiency of fire protection fig. 3: F100 - reconstruction of building fig. 4: FSL - reconstruction of control area