List of Conference Proceedings (no more updated, archived and links pointing to it removed)

Enders, J., Anthony, D.W., Aumann, T., Bauer, A., Baumann, T., Bazin, D., Blumenfeld, Y., Brown, B.A., Glasmacher, T., Hansen, P.G., Ibbotson, R.W., Lofy, P.A., Maddalena, V., Miller, K.L., Nakamura, T., Navin, A., Pritychenko, B.V., Sherrill, B.M., Spears, E.J., Steiner, M., Tostevin, J.A., Wagner, A., and Yurkon J.
Study of Si-34, Si-35, and S-37 with single-neutron removal reactions
Nuclear Physics A, 690 (2001) 235c-238c
Nuclear Structure

Debowski, M., Barth, R., Boivin, M., Le Bornec, Y., Cieslak, M., Comets, M. P., Courtat, P., Gacougnolle, R., Grosse, E., Kirchner, T., Martin, J. M., Miskowiec, D., Müntz, C., Schwab, E., Senger, P., Sturm, C., Tatischeff, B., Wagner, A., Walus, W., Willis, N., Wurzinger, R., Yonnet, J., & Zghiche, A.
Subthreshold K+ Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions and the Nuclear Spectral Function
Acta Physica Polonica B, 27, 3015-3018
Meson Production

Senger, P., Ahner, W., Barth, R., Brill, D., Debowski, M., Grosse, E., Koczon, P., Kohlmeyer, B., Laue, F., Mang, M., Miskowiec, D., Müntz, C., Oeschler, H., Pühlhofer, F., Schwab, E., Shin, Y., Speer, J., Stock, R., Ströbele, H., Sturm, C., Wagner, A., & Walus, W.
Kaon Production in Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
Acta Physica Polonica B, 27, 2993-3004
Meson Production

Müntz, C., Brill, D., Baltes, P., Oeschler, H., Sartorius, S., Sturm, C., Ahner, W., Barth, R., Cieslak, M., Debowski, M., Grosse, E., Henning, W., Koczon, P., Schicker, R., Schwab, E., Senger, P., Beckerle, P., Bormann, C., Shin, Y., Stein, J., Stock, R., Ströbele, H., Kohlmeyer, B., Pöppl, H., Pühlhofer, F., Speer, J., Völkel, K., & Walus, W.
Charged Pion Production in Heavy Ion Collisions at SIS Energies
In Proc. of the XXIII Workshop on Properties of Dynamical Properties of Hadrons in Nuclear Matter and Nuclear Excitations (1995), Hirschegg (A), GSI Darmstadt
Meson Production