The user laboratories of FELBE

  • Seven different user labs are available to which the FEL IR radiation is distributed via an optical transport line. The total lab space is approximately 130 m2.
  • The individual labs are equipped as follows.  
    Semiconductor spectroscopy lab This lab is equipped with a fs and a ps table-top Ti:sapphire laser. In addition an optical magneto-cryostat (8 Tesla), several He-flow cryostats and a synchroscan streak camera are available.
    fs-amplifier and spectroscopy lab This lab contains a femtosecond laser amplifier system (6 mJ, 1 kHz) equipped with optical parametric generator/amplifier and sum-frequency generator. The beams of the table-top-laser can also be distributed into the neighboring labs.
    Diagnostics and fs-spectroscopy lab Details on the diagnostics system can be found here. This lab also contains a regenerative fs laser amplifier system (>5 µJ, up to 250 kHz) with optical parametric amplifier.
    s-SNIM lab This lab is used for near-field microscopy using a room-temperature aperture-less scattering scanning near-field infrared microscope (s-SNIM) and a cryogenic s-SNIM.
    External user lab for pump-probe spectroscopy This lab is restricted for experiments of external users. It is equipped with all necessary basic installations (optical table, purge gases, LAN access, etc.) and  instrumentation for time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy.

    Lab for variable use

    This lab is used for temporary experiments.
    Fourier spectroscopy and diagnostics lab This lab is equipped with a Bruker VERTEX 80v FTIR spectrometer with step scan option.
  • Detailed parameters of the installed table-top laser systems are available here. All laser systems can be synchronized to the FELs.
  • External users are encouraged to contact us for discussions of future experiments. The procedures for beam time application are summarized here.
  • Here is a schematic view of the user labs including the infrared beamlines.

    beamline to the user labs