Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Facility SI 591 (SENTECH Instruments GmbH)


Single chamber parallel plate reactor
Process chamber Inner diameter 300 mm, 270 mm high
Electrodes Upper electrode with gas shower, 250 mm diameter 

Substrate electrode for up to 200 mm wafers with three lifting pins, cooled or heated in the temperature range -30 T(°C) 80

RF-supply Power 600 W, frequency 13.56 MHz
Load lock Automatic single wafer pneumatic vacuum load lock
Gas flow 4 channels (SF6, CF4, O2, Ar with MFC controlling)
Operating mode Automatical mode with SPS controlling coupled to a PC, SENTECH software using Windows 3.1
Current applications Isotropic etching of SiC using SF6+O2 or CF4+O2, etch rate 40 nm/min, usual etch depth up to 200 nm
Anisotropic etching of Si using SF6+O2 and thermally grown SiO2 as etch mask, etch rate 1 µm/min, etch depth of trenchs 20 µm, selectivity RSi/RSiO2 > 130, anisotropy 0.97.