Thermal Processing

Thermal processes are used for thermal oxydation of silicon, annealing of radiation damage after ion beam traetment and for electrical activation of dopants as well as for drive-in-diffusion after ion implantation. For this purpose the following facilities are available:



Two Horizontal Furnace Systems with three quarz tubes, DA62 (ELEKTROMAT)

Operating temperature
300...1150 °C
Process gases
O2 (wet and dry), O2+HCL, N2, N2+5%H2, Ar+7%H2 all of 5.0 purity
Wafer diameter
max. 100 mm
Wafer quantity
max. 50
Dry oxydation
Growth of high quality gate oxides, dox = (50...250) nm 
Gases: dry O2, dry O2+3% HCl 
Temperature range: (900...1100) °C
Wet oxydation
Growth of thick field oxides, dox = (300...1500) nm 
Gases: wet O2 
Temperature range: (900...1150) °C
Annealing of radiation efects after ion implantation 
Drive-in-diffusion after implantation 
Metal contact forming Gases: N2, Ar, N2+5%H2, Ar+7% H2 
Temperature range: (300...1150) °C