Rapid Thermal Processes

Thermal processes are used for thermal oxydation of silicon, annealing of radiation damage after ion beam traetment and for electrical activation of dopants as well as for drive-in-diffusion after ion implantation. For this purpose the following facilities are available:


Rapid Thermal Processing Facility ADDAX XM-A4 (ADDAX)

Two-wall and DI-water cooled quarz chamber
Wafer diameter
max. 100 mm
Wafer quantity
Single wafer load lock system
Rapid thermal annealing of radiation defects after ion implantation with minimized broadening and in-diffusion of implanted profiles. 

Rapid thermal oxydation with dox < 50 nm , nitridation and silicide forming.

Gasses: N2, Ar, O2 all of 5.0 purity 

Temperature range: (474...1200) °C 

Processing time: (0.5...5) min