High Temperature Vacuum Annealing

High Temperature Vacuum Annealing Facility (J.I.P.ELEC)

This facility is used for annealing and electrical activation of dopants after ion implantation in semiconductor materials where extremly high temperatures are neccessary for this purpose. The system is an induction furnace which can be operated at vacuum and inert gas ambient respec-tively.



Substrate diameter
max. 35 mm
Quarz tube closed by aluminum flanges
Glassy corbon box on top of a glassy carbon tube to hold it at the center of the inductor
10-6 mbar (leak rate < 5·10-8 mbar·l/s)
Process gases
N2 and Ar of 9 ppb purity (H2O)
Gas flow
Mass flow controller, 0...2 slm
Temperature range
700...2000 °C
Temperature control
Pyrometer, thermo-couple optional
max. 10 kW
Flanges and inductor coil water cooled, quarz tube air cooled
Process control
Programmable controller providing detailed control over subsystems and processes
Vacuum system
Turbomolecular pump in connection with membrane pump - completely oil-free
Current application
Thermal processing of ion implanted SiC