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Focused ion beams (FIB) are useful tools in micro- and nanoengineering. Characteristic properties are the submicron spotsize, an energy range between 200 keV and some eV (low energy FIB), a high current density, and a great variety of available ion species. In FIB systems liquid metal ion sources and in some cases gaseous field ionization sources are applied. Most of the systems are computer controlled and allow to "write" arbitrary patterns with the ion beam.
Applications in the field of nano-technology are scanning ion beam microscopy, high lateral resolution SIMS, maskless ion implantation for doping and material modification, ion beam milling for microfabrication, inspection and sample preparation for SEM and TEM investigations, selective ion-beam assisted deposition, and ion beam lithography.
  • Experimental Setup
    • Focused Ion Beam System IMSA-OrsayPhyics
    • Preparation and analysis equipments for alloy Liquid Metal Ion Sources
  • Research topics
    • Ion beam synthesis
    • Defect creation and dynamic annealing under very high current density conditions
    • Alloy Liquid Metal Ion Sources
    • Photonic structures
    • FIB Ga-implantation and anisotropical etching for 3D patterning
    • Microstructuring by local FIB milling
    • Ionacoustic microscopy
  • Staff
    • Dr. Lothar Bischoff
    • Dipl.-Phys. Shavkat Zh. Akhmadaliev
    • Ing. Gerolf Hofmann