Research Related to Accident Analysis

  • Development of DYN3D, coupling with system codes ATHLET and RELAP5
  • Validation of physical models and system codes
  • DYN3D or DYN3D/ATHLET analyses of transients and accident scenarios for different reactor types - VVER's, PWR's, and BWR's - for NPP's, vendors, nuclear regulatory authorities and technical support organisations
  • Modifying the codes or implementation of special models on requirement
  • Linking of existing cross section libraries to the DYN3D code for performing safety analyses
  • Generation of cross section libraries using the codes HELIOS-2 and SERPENT2
  • International co-operation concerning the validation of DYN3D and DYN3D/ATHLET
  • Users training and consultations on the code application
  • Coupling to CFD codes and coolant mixing models to provide boundary conditions for the analysis of boron dilution and overcooling transients
  • Coupling to the thermo-mechanics code TRANSURANUS

Co-operation with International Organisations

DYN3D code users

Integration of DYN3D into the European software platform NURESIM

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