Flomix - Codes

Within the project the two Computational Fluid Dynamic Codes CFX and FLUENT are used. The main aim is to justify the application of various turbulence and turbulent mixing models for different flow conditions. Also, the numerical diffusion should be suppressed and the grid, the time step and the user effects should be decreased in the CFD analyses.

grid unstructured hybrid grids:
hexahedrons, tetrahedrons, pyramids, prisms
unstructured grids
turbulence two-equation models
(k-ε, k-ω, SST),
large eddy simulation
two-equation models (k-ε), large eddy simulation
wall treatment low Reynolds number formulation, two layer zonal model, wall functions two layer zonal model,
wall functions
multiphase models Euler/Euler module, Lagrangian module, homogeneous model Euler/Euler module, Lagrangian module,
volume of fluid