Fourth workshop

(I. Barisan, C. Dupont, S. Todde, St. Preusche)

Organizing facility

The fourth workshop of the "CYCLONE 18/9 + 10/5 USER COMMUNITY" and the sixth "SCX Cyclotron User Meeting" was organized by IBA / Belgium, Fondazione Centro San Raffaele / Italy and Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori / Italy and was held at Milano / Italy on November 24 - 27, 2002.


100 participants from 14 countries came to this joint workshop.


Poster presentations of the facilities in the opening/visiting evening

IBA presentation of new developments and the new structure of the After-Sales Department and Services Department.

Discussion of the several topics:

  • each session started with a short lecture of the chairman as an overview or introduction related to the topic
  • operation and maintenance of the two types of cyclotrons
  • targetry and chemistry module operation
  • how to solve problems and trouble-shooting
  • information about the launch of the IBA Technical Helpdesk
  • round table

visiting program: Cyclotron Unit of Fondazione Centro San Raffaele / Italy


Discussions and approaches to improve the lifetime of several cyclotron parts

The fifth workshop will be organized by BA / Belgium and Mc Gill Montreal Neurological Institute / Canada. It is planned to be held at Montreal on May 02-04, 2005.

Participants in our meetings over the years

participants in the IBA/SCX user meetings