Style and content guide for annual reports

In order to standardise the layout of our annual reports (and publications in general) we ask you to follow the rules listed here.

  1. In the title of the annual report all nouns, adjectives and verbs start with a capital letter.
  2. Symbols are written italic while units are written roman.
    Example: "$E$ = 10 MeV"
    Chemical symbols are to be written roman.
    Example: "$\rho$(Al) = 2.7 g/cm$^3$"
  3. Symbols should not be used at the beginning of a sentence.
    Example: "Gamma rays were detected ..." instead of "$\gamma$ rays were detected ..."
  4. Acronyms are to be explained on their first occurrence.
    Example: "The random-phase approximation (RPA) is used ..."
  5. Adjectives and nouns that belong together and are used together like an adjective, are connected with a hyphen.
    Example: "gamma-ray detection" instead of "gamma ray detection"
    Example: "shell-model calculations" instead of "shell model calculations"
    Example: "free-electron laser" instead of "free electron laser"
  6. Figures / Graphics:
    - Tick marks have to be inside the frame of the figure.
    - The size of the axis labels should be at least text size.
    - Text inside the figures should be of readable size.
    - Axis labels are of the form "quantity / unit" (set spaces arounf the "/")
      Example: "$E_\gamma$ / keV"
      Example: "($\Gamma/E^3$) / (keV/MeV$^3$)"
      Example: "Film thickness / mm"
  7. References shall be written only in the format:
    - Author list, Phys. Rev. C 66 (2002) 024310
    - Author list, Nucl. Phys. A 620 (1997) 277
    If the author list contains more than three authors, it is to be written in the form:
    - Author1, Author2 et al.,
      Author is written as e.g. R. Beyer, ...